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  • Our VALUES define our identity, who we are. And our identity is defined by our actions, what we do. Therefore, we value our values, trying to express them through all our actions.


  • For us, TRADITION is not the past. It is the present. It is not a collection of static symbols. It is something living, IN MOTION. It is not something that we inherit. It is something that we transmit. To the generations to come. To the future. By fulfilling this value that is very important to us, for four generations we find inspiration in Greek tradition in order to create products that respect, develop and highlight it.
  • For us, QUALITY is not a goal by itself. It is a means to build relationships of trust that last in time. Strong relationships with our people, our customers, our partners, our local community. For us, quality is something integral, a non-negotiable and unchangeable value. It is the reason of our existence. Without it, we would be a different company.
  • INNOVATION is about being bold. We took a bold decision to invest in a traditional Greek product, the liqueur, at a time when it was underrated. Innovation also means being at the forefront. Having a selection of three different and unique products in our portfolio, we have a competitive advantage, while being proud to produce our liqueurs in the same way as in the old days.
  • For us DIRECTNESS is cordiality. It is intimacy. Sincerity. Authenticity. We are what we do, not what we say we do.


For us, liqueur is not a one-dimensional product, It is not, simply, a product. For us liqueur is something multifaceted, linked to our culture, to people, to life itself. Linked to our culture because its production is directly related to the history and the tradition of each place. Linked to people, because it comes from them and is produced for them.
Producers, based on their standpoint, knowledge and experience, define the purpose for which and the way by which liqueur is made, while consumers taste the fruit of this endeavor, gradually building a bilateral relationship, a relationship of mutual interaction. For us liqueur is linked to life itself, it gives value to life’s various moments, it brings us closer and helps us share thoughts and emotions
  • DORIKI LIQUEURS are created in 1984 by Stelios Kechris, who takes the reins of the family distillery in the same year by deciding to focus on producing high quality traditional Greek products. Two years later, in 1986, Doriki liqueurs receive a gold medal at SIAL, the largest exhibition of food and beverages in the world. Since then, Doriki liqueurs are produced in the same authentic and homemade style, using fresh fruit, without any colorings or flavor additives


  • 1911.pngOur story begins with EVANGELOS KECHRIS, who is the first in Greece to import glass bottles from the United States for the bottling of spirits. Although he doesn’t have the chance to fulfill his innovative idea, he transmits the pioneer spirit to his four sons.
  • 1911.pngThe four brothers establish the distillery "E.KECHRIS BROS" in Kalohori, near Thessaloniki. In these modern facilities, they produce and bottle their popular ouzo, brandy and several liqueurs.
  • 1911.pngGradually, Kechris spirits become known beyond the borders of Greece, with 1974 marking the beginning of the EXPORT activity of the company in Europe, especially in Germany.
  • 1911.pngSTELIOS KECHRIS, member of the third generation of the family, having completed his studies in oenology in Dijon, returns to Thessaloniki eager to apply his scientific knowledge and skills and set up his own laboratory.
  • 1911.pngKechris Stelios and his dynamic wife, Konstantia, take the management of the family business. Stelios Kechris modernizes the facilities and production procedures according to INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS and establishes the foundation of his philosophy, ushering in a new era for the company. For Stelios Kechris, liqueur is more than just a final product; it is a living organism, changing, affecting and being affected by the decisions and choices of the producer; tradition is not a static representation of symbols, imprisoned in the past, but a starting point and an inspiration for the beginning of a new journey
  • 1911.pngDoriki Krano Liqueur wins one of the greatest distinctions at SIAL, the International Exhibition of Paris.
  • 1911.pngKechris distillery is inundated with the fragrance of three women. The THREE DAUGHTERS of Stelios Kechris, fourth generation of the family, come to the forefront. After completing her studies in oenology in Bordeaux, Eleni becomes an indispensable member of the production team. A year later, Maria becomes the artistic director of the company, while Zoe participates in the administrative and economic management
  • 2015.pngDoriki Karidaki Reserve is ranked among the world's BEST at the IWSC competition.